Unlocking the Full Potential of the Innova Wraith

Innova Wraith Disc

Published: 9/22/2023

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Welcome to your complete guide to the Innova Wraith, a standout versatile distance driver in the world of disc golf. This article dives deep into what makes the Wraith an exceptional choice for disc golfers of all levels.

What You'll Learn:

  • Design aspects
  • Flight behavior
  • Mastery techniques

By the end of this guide, you'll gain invaluable insights that will help you determine if the Innova Wraith is a fit for your bag. Catering to both rookies and seasoned pros, this guide aims to unlock the full potential of this popular disc.

From casual weekend warriors to touring pros, find out why the Innova Wraith has carved a niche in the bags of disc golfers worldwide.

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The Innova Wraith: A Disc Golf Mainstay

Launched in 2005, the Innova Wraith has become a staple in the disc golf community. With a speed of 11, glide of 5, turn of -1, and fade of 3, it's a disc that caters to a wide range of players.

Flight Ratings:

  • Speed: 11
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 3

Over the years, the Wraith has been released in multiple plastic types, but the Star plastic version remains a top choice. It's a versatile disc, ideal for players looking to get significant distance without sacrificing control.

The Wraith is often considered a 'jack of all trades' in the disc golf world. If you're a beginner looking for a reliable distance driver or an advanced player seeking to fine-tune your game, the Wraith has something to offer.

While the Wraith is often recommended for players with faster arm speeds, its balanced characteristics make it accessible even for those who are relatively new to the sport.

The disc's enduring popularity is a testament to its well-rounded performance. It's a disc that not only offers impressive distance but also provides the control needed for precise shots.

Material Matters: The Craftsmanship Behind the Wraith

The Wraith's aerodynamic design plays a pivotal role in its dependable flight. Key features include:

  • Rim Width: A versatile 21mm, accommodating various hand sizes.
  • Moderate Dome: Contributes to excellent lift and high glide.

Innova utilizes advanced molding techniques to craft each Wraith close to perfection. These techniques ensure:

  • Consistent Flight: Reliable across a variety of conditions.
  • Robust Durability: Designed for long-lasting use.

The Wraith's comfortable grip and ergonomic design make it a universal choice, suitable for both beginners and pros. It's a disc designed to grow with you as you advance in your disc golf journey.

Weight Range: Generally, the Wraith comes in weights ranging from 130-175g, offering options for players of all strengths.

Available Plastic Types:

  • Blizzard: Lightweight and suitable for beginners.
  • Champion: Known for its extreme durability.
  • DX: Entry-level, affordable, and easy to throw.
  • EchoStar: Environmentally friendly.
  • Glow: Glow-in-the-dark features.
  • Glow Champion: High durability and glow-in-the-dark features.
  • GStar: Offers extra flexibility and grip.
  • Metal Flake: Aesthetic appeal with Champion-level durability.
  • Pro: Provides extra grip and is less expensive.
  • Star: Known for balanced durability and grip.
  • StarLite: Lighter weight for easier throws.

Each plastic type offers its own set of advantages in terms of grip, durability, and flight characteristics. This allows you to select a Wraith that aligns closely with your specific gameplay needs.

Flight Behavior: The Innova Wraith's Versatile Aerodynamics

The Innova Wraith distinguishes itself with a stable-to-understable flight path, offering consistent distance for a variety of throwing styles:

  • Predictable Flight: A reliable choice in various wind conditions, making it a favorite among professionals for tournaments and casual rounds alike.

The Wraith also shines when it comes to creative shot shaping, especially on technical courses. Its dependable fade at the end of the flight ensures you can trust it to land where you intend:

  • Precision Shots: Ideal for both forehand and backhand throws, the Wraith excels whether you're striving for maximum distance or navigating a challenging, wooded course.

Regardless of the season, the Wraith delivers consistently reliable performance, be it under the summer sun or amidst the winter chill. If you find the Wraith's versatile attributes compelling, you might also enjoy our in-depth Streamline Trace vs. Innova Wraith comparison.

Mastering the Wraith

For backhand throws, the Wraith benefits from a flat release or a slight anhyzer angle. Forehand throwers will appreciate the disc's resistance to turning over.

  • Backhand Throws: For players specializing in backhand, the Wraith offers excellent distance with moderate effort.
  • Forehand Throws: Forehand players will find the Wraith to be stable and resistant to turnover, especially when thrown with power.
  • Hyzer Flips: The Wraith is also well-suited for hyzer flip shots, especially for players who can generate high speed on their throws.

Pro players often utilize the Wraith for S-curve shots that require both distance and accuracy. Its stable nature makes it a reliable choice for shots that need to navigate through obstacles.

Advanced players also use the Wraith for rollers, a technique where the disc is thrown at an angle to make it roll along the ground. This is particularly useful for getting out of tight spots or navigating through low-ceiling areas.

It's worth noting that the Wraith's performance can vary slightly depending on the plastic type, so many players opt to carry multiple Wraiths in different plastics to cover a range of shots.

Why Choose the Innova Wraith

The Innova Wraith offers stable and reliable flight characteristics, attributes that have contributed to its widespread adoption among disc golfers.

  • Design Complexity: The Wraith's engineering accommodates a variety of throwing styles, from powerful drives to precision shots.

  • Course Performance: Regardless of the course layout-be it filled with obstacles or wide open-the Wraith's consistent flight path stands out.

  • Material and Durability: Crafted through Innova's advanced molding techniques, the Wraith ensures both optimal grip and durability, making it a long-term investment for players.

To summarize, the Innova Wraith serves as a multifaceted distance driver, meeting the needs of disc golfers at varying levels of expertise.

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